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ZX Spectrum Next version of SokoBan featuring ten levels, optional background music, and a level editor for players to easily create and share their own level designs. High scores are based on level completion time rather than number of moves, and the high score table is saved between game loads. Written entirely in NextBASIC. Download for free now.

Found a bug in Basoko? Let me know by posting in the comments on this game page. I should be able to fix it up & rerelease the game.


This version of the distribution .zip contains an additional file: BaSoko4Emulators.bas

BaSoko on Next plays a wav file at the end of each level. This does not work in emulation. If you're playing BaSoko on an emulator, launch the game using BaSoko4Emulators.bas instead. The wav functionality has been removed from this version of the BASIC listing.


BaSoko.zip (version 4) 56 kB

Install instructions

Extract the contents of the zip file into a folder on your ZX Spectrum Next SD Card & select the BaSoko.bas file on the Next to launch the game. If you're using an emulator, select the BaSoko4Emulators.bas file instead.

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