Bug Fixing & Sound FX

I managed to fix the bug mentioned in the previous devlog post. Also added some sound effects to the game using BeepFX.

BeepFX available here: https://shiru.untergrund.net/software.shtml

These sounds are made using the ZX beeper, but they sound amazing. The software allows you to trigger machine code routines from BASIC that play great sounding effects. I highly recommend giving this software a try.

I can now move forward with programming the alien gunfire. The only snag currently is that the 48k memory limit (still present on the ZX Next to retain compatibility with original Spectrums) has just been filled by my program. There is a way around this but I'll need to study the manual first as I've never done it before. It's a workaround that allows programmers to transfer parts of the program listing to alternative memory banks outside the 48k memory map. I'll be experimenting with this method later today.

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