Being Shot by Aliens

The coding for the enemy gunfire was more straightforward than I was expecting. Once I'd worked out how to implement it, it came together without much of a problem. Now we have aliens that fire back, and it's the final piece of the puzzle; seeing everything working together simultaneously feels amazing! 

This now leaves the following tasks:

  • Create a proper 'Game Over' screen/event.
  • Make the High Score update at the end of a game.
  • Balance the difficulty by adjusting the alien movement zones.
  • Introduce the increase in difficulty after each alien wave has been defeated.
  • Adjust the speeds of the player gun, mothership, and alien lasers so everything 'feels' right.
  • Compose the music for menu screen & incidental music for game start and game over.

I'm aiming to have all this done before next weekend (13th/14th June 2020).

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