Just The Music

I'm pleased to say, the game is finished!  I still have to compose the music and add it to the game but the game itself is all finished and working. I'm pleased with the final result, except for one small niggle which is the speed of the alien movement when there are only a few left on-screen. The alien speed does increase as more are shot, but with all the various procedures working simultaneously (gun movement, gunfire, alien missiles, etc. etc.) the aliens don't zip along they way they do in the arcade version of Space Invaders. I've been able to balance the difficulty level to compensate for this, so the game as it stands should still be enjoyable to play and not too easy. Increasing the alien speed at this stage would require a complete rewrite of the game, so bearing in mind this runs in BASIC, and that it has been a learning process for me, I'm happy to leave it as it is and move on to the next project.

So with just the music to go I anticipate a couple of days before release.  Watch this space.

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