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Space Invaders programmed in ZX Spectrum NextBASIC. 

Originally intended as a learning experience (for me) in programming on the Spectrum Next using the hardware sprites and layered graphics, BasInvaders is a nice, smooth, playable version of Space Invaders, showing how more advanced projects can be created in Next BASIC.

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Version 5: Released on September 10th 2020

Version 5 has been updated to work in the CSpect emulator. Previous versions weren't registering key presses in an emulated ZX Next environment. Please note that depending on your computer, the game may run slower in emulation.

For full instructions on how to emulate the Spectrum Next, see my tutorial video:


BasInvaders.zip 41 kB

Install instructions

Unzip the BasInvaders folder and copy it (and its contents) to your ZX Spectrum Next SD card. Select the BasInvaders.bas file from the Next browser to launch the game.

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Great little version of the classic game

Cheers. 👍

Thank you, I'm having fun playing BasInvaders.

Brilliant! Nice to know the work is appreciated, cheers.