It's Always Something!

The game's finished. The music's finished. I should be releasing BasInvaders for download tonight, but as the title says, there's always something! The driver software that plays the in-game music is randomly deleting parts of my program listing, so currently the game loads, the menu appears & the music plays. All good so far. The game starts, and there's an error at a specific line in the listing. That line has been partially deleted, so a command that should read "PROC AliMoveR()" now reads as "PROC Al    eR()".

This is a mystery to me as I'm using the music driver exactly as instructed.

It could be something I'm doing so tomorrow, when I have fresh eyes (and a more alert brain), I'm going to write a test program to see if I can work out what's going wrong. For now, the release of BasInvaders is on hold until I can find a fix for this bug.

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